e-pics Productions

Don't lose your families precious memories forever Convert your TAPES TO DVD Today! Bring old memories back to life with our video conversion services so that you can share them easily with family and friends.

Do you have a collection of Vinyl Records or Cassette Audio Tapes sitting in a box that you never listen to because you don't have a turntable or tape deck anymore? We have the answer let us put them onto CD!

Using your photographs, e-pics can help you tell your story with a stunning, high definition slideshow that can be viewed on your television, computer, i Pad and many other devices. They can be used for so many different occasions including selling Real Estate, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's Day, Reunions, Christmas, Easter, Business products and services, Funerals / Memorials and many other special events.



Mark Arnott

Great service. I would thoroughly recommend Mark at e-pics Productions. I had a load of those...